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Expressing your creativity is a process of rediscovery. As you allow yourself to explore your potential, your new self emerges.

The Collaborative Writer’s supportive community exists to help you develop as a writer. Contrary to belief, writers are not born, they emerge over time. This metamorphosis occurs more smoothly when you interact with other writers who can provide encouragement and reinforcement.

Frequently, the biggest stumbling block to creativity occurs long before you ever start writing. Your own beliefs about what it means to be creative might be holding you back. We can explore these blocks, finding ways for you to visualize yourself as a writer.

Learning to believe in yourself and value your need for creativity is an ongoing process. Making time for this might seem to be a luxury, but self-expression is a necessary part of feeling whole.

Through group interaction via the forum, the collaborative blog, or with me through one-on-one counseling, your identity as a writer will be strengthened. You’ll find contacts, friends, and resources here at The Collaborative Writer that will guide you on your way to self-expression.

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